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Why choose tailor made tours?


We create a trip according to your wishes: During the planning of the tour, our agency will propose an itinerary and the places to visit, always according to your preferences and desires. There is a tour for every traveller, whether you prefer national parks, monuments protected by UNESCO or simply go to a beach, far away from the noise of the big cities.

You travel in small groups: Tailor made tours are usually made for smaller groups, with a driver-guide and they offer a much better experience of the destination you are visiting. When you choose tailor made tours, you make it easier for us to fulfill your wishes and your plans. Any changes that are necessary can be made more easily and there is a greater flexibility both in the process of organisation and realisation of the tour.

Prices adapted to your budget: The price of a tailor made tour is formed entirely according to your wishes or preferences. The exact price can vary depending on the quality of the hotels, restaurants, the number of excursions you take and other elements. There is a tour for every budget.

Local travel agency: You can always trust the experience and knowledge of a local travel agency which will give you first-hand information about the destinations you would like to visit in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and other countries. This is also the best source of information about the restaurants and hotels.

More comfortable travel: Experiencing a tailor made tour with a driver-guide, in a small group, by car or van, offers you the possibility to travel with much more freedom whenever you want to take a break, choose a restaurant, switch to a different road with less traffic or simply stay more time in a city to do some shopping or sightseeing.