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Visiting Croatia during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

Visiting Croatia during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

While most of the world is barely getting out of quarantine, some countries have already flattened the curve and are reopening their economy.
Croatia is one of those countries. We can proudly say that at this moment the coronavirus is under control.

As you can see below, Croatia was very lucky to have had a relatively small number of infected people. In total, a little more than 2000 people were infected and less than 100 casualties.

Source: / Number of daily cases

Not only Croatia, but also our neighbor – Slovenia! Both countries have managed to put the pandemic under control and life is returning to normal. The “new normal”…

Even though it will be necessary to wait for another few weeks to see how the situation will evolve, there is a lot of reasons for optimism if you were planning to visit the Balkans this summer. We will see some changes in the way we travel, but if you are a type of traveler who prefers visiting other countries in small groups, you will have no problems adapting to the new rules.

With all its challenges, summer 2020 still has a lot to offer to people who want to visit Croatia, Slovenia and other countries with a tour guide and a private chauffeur. Our agency – Zagreb Travel – offers tailor-made trips through the Balkans and other European countries.
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If you are unsure whether you can enter Croatia and move around freely, or if you need advice while traveling around the country, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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