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Visiting the Balkans during Winter 2020

Visiting the Balkans during Winter 2020

The Balkans are a very popular destination to visit during summer, and you can tell by the numbers – almost half of the total number of visitors arrive during June, July and August.
While the Balkans are certainly worth visiting in summer, because of the numerous beaches in Croatia, or the rivers and lakes in Slovenia, Bosnia and Northern Macedonia, the area is worth to consider visiting during a period when the cities are less crowded, the temperatures are lower, just like the prices, and the cultural heritage and history are just as interesting as in summer.

Winter is a period when thousands of tourist go to Slovenia and parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina for its numerous skiing destinations. The mountains in Croatia are worth visiting if you prefer lighter physical activity, but if you’re an avid skier, the Slovenian Alps will make fall in love with this small European country.

Visiting other Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian cities in winter can be a great opportunity to get to know about the complex history of this region, while avoiding high prices, overcrowded tourist spots and heat.

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A glimpse of Plitvice lakes during winter, when you can still enjoy the beautiful nature, without thousands of people next to you…

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